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Video Postales


An ongoing collaboration with artists, writers, and musicians. 

Through experimentation and a handful of correspondence of images, sounds, and texts, Postales blur the lines between still image and video to explore the dichotomy of physical, emotional, and interior/exterior spaces. An opportunity to bring two spaces together to create a third. 

A collaboration with composer and sound artist Gabriel Bolaños. All of the sounds are derived from Carolina's readings of various lines from her journal entries. Windows and the video frame exposing the stillness,  silence, and distance of the winter landscape. 

In 2019 I got an invitation to participate in the Belfast Poetry Festival.  The idea was to connect a visual artist and a poet living in Maine so they can collaborate and create new work together.  

That is how Arisa and I got connected.  I met her over skype during a summer day in July 2019.  We started a correspondence of video, images, sounds, and texts. 

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